Mission Statement:

Founded by Evelyn Morris, later joined by her half-brother Bartholomew, Seaflower began as an organisation to research and document the things that only those with the Sight can see; but soon branched out into general Occult research, mostly because the funding was better.

What is the Sight?

Few are actually born with the Sight; the ability to see the anomalies that exist on the periphery of our world. It’s more common to develop this ability as the result of a life event – namely induced Sight via occult ritual, or Sight as a side effect when someone’s soul is stolen or lost.

Interestingly, the first cases of the sight in written or spoken record did not occur until the Nightwarp (the devastating storm of 1742, the origins of which are still unknown and assumed occult in nature) split the soul from the human form – prior records indicate that the soul was formerly internal, as in non-human creatures and plants. Perhaps the external soul and widespread destruction were not the only legacy of the Nightwarp…

Why ‘Seaflower’?

The Seaflower was the exploration vessel of famous 18th Century occult scientist Dr L Morris – and yes, that’s the same Morris family as Evelyn. Evelyn became interested in her ancestor when she learned of the vessel’s disappearance from Revery Port in 1857; and so Evelyn moved there from her home city of London to found a Research centre of her own, and continue her great-great-grandmother’s legacy.  And she wasn’t big-headed enough to name it The Morris Foundation.

On the topic of soul theft.

Soul theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in this country, but is also one of the least reported because of the associated stigmas of being Soulless.

The loss of one’s soul is accompanied by a host of unpredictable side effects, both minor and major. The most serious effects range from a loss of speech to a loss of the victim’s grasp on the pace-time continuum (resulting in uncontrollable, sporadic time travel), although only one case of this side effect has ever been experienced to our knowledge.

There is one side effect that is consistently present, however: Every recorded victim of soul theft has instantly developed the Sight.


All entries of flora, fauna, or artifacts are given a class: a simple statement as to the safety of the object, serving a helpful future reference if the entity is encountered again. These are as follows:


Undetermined: Not enough is known about the entity to designate a class because of insufficient study for any reason (e.g. the entity is an invisible, gaseous being that we have yet to figure out a way to contain – or even verify its existence).

Benign: The entity is sapient, and well meaning.

Neutral: Non-sapient sentient beings, or non-sentient plants or objects, that don’t pose a danger.

Dangerous: Non-sapient sentient beings, or non-sentient plants or objects that pose a danger (e.g. poisonous, aggressive, harmful effects).

Malign: An entity that is sapient and means harm.

Note: Benign and malignant are often present within the same species – for example, which would you categorise humans as? Therefore, this class is dependent on the behaviour of the species as a whole, and this must be considered.


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