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Lesley is a scary mum. TBC next thursday!

(Also- comic index is up to date! Finally…)


Intermission: Concept vs Creature

Today was the last day of my market stall! Thursdays comic will be posted as normal, and my etsy will also reopen the same day. Because of the market I don’t have a new creature for you- but I do have some comparisons of my concept sketches I draw before I start making them, and the eventual creature you see on the site. I hope this is interesting! 

One of my earliest creatures, sprout was little more than a scribble. I think he turned out cuter?

When is a hippogriff not a hippogriff? When it’s pretty much another creature entirely!
I stayed pretty close to the sketch here, but couldn’t get the face the same.
Hekbune: probably the closest to a sketch I have ever made. I drew him several times before attempting the model, so perhaps that’s why!

Archive36: No.5 Cathedral Approach Part Two

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¬†So, on Monday the SFI is in Gloucester, where I have a Christmas market stall for seven days! Which is great, but it does mean I’m not going to have a comic update on Thursday. HOWEVER, I will post something- perhaps some character doodles, and art doll concept sketches? I don’t know what you guys would be interested in- let me know if there’s something you’d want to see!
The next part of the comic will go up on the 7th of December, and posting will continue as normal after that.

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